the way we were

There’s no question about it… love and relationships are complex. In the spirit of ‘a picture being worth a thousand words’, I think this lovely illustration by Richard Mcguire for a 2010 June edition of The New Yorker speaks quite profoundly on the subject. It’s also a beautiful cover. Vive l’editorial!



For those of us living in colder northern climates (particularly in the winter), a warm vacation feels like a serious luxury and escape. I do, however, find the extreme contrast in climates and even lifestyle which goes along with such a vacation to be almost surreal to the point that, upon returning home, we wonder if it really happened. Taken on the beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico.



I’m feeling a need to return to craft and make something with simple tools and my hands. Maybe
it’s the overdose of screen time we all have going these days, but looking at a piece of design
or type, set using the letterpress is something quite different and unique. I stumbled upon this vocational film from the 50’s to help make you feel nostalgic about these antiquated processes.

If you’re impatient or are completely resistant to the romance of the way things were, check out
this more recent, shorter video. It’s beautiful!