cool ideas

So close to launching a fun new endeavor that has been in the works for
exactly 31 days now. Are we there yet? Almost, so please stay tuned!





My friend and esteemed colleague Jenn Lawrence is a fantastic graphic designer and all around creative dynamo. A few years back she created and shared this amazing illustration featuring a character named Mr. Corn. In this case he’s implicated in what some of you will recognize as the Christmas nativity scene. This little gem will be occupy my desktop for the next month.


I spend a little time each week checking out the new projects on Kickstarter and recently stumbled upon this project by graphic designer Paul Sahre. The project is “A photography, design and video project documenting the restaging of a 40 year-old memory and a shot at dad redemption”. In other words, Paul is embarking on a mission to launch a rocket with his son (a mission which apparently failed when he and his father attempted it years ago).

The amazing part is watching how this simple project has become a very complete creative project with so many successful touchpoints. I am a proud supporter and have become highly inspired by this project. Can’t wait for my Try, Try Again poster to arrive in the mail!