Monthly Archives: November 2012


So I live and work near Gastown in Vancouver’s lower east side. Our office sits exactly halfway between a liquor store and several low income houses, SRO’s and shelters, making the covered loading dock in our back lane the idea venue for folks looking to stop for a drink or two. This ledge is frequented daily and has become a well known meeting spot in the neighborhood.

Seeing this gave me the idea to ‘dress up’ these locations to resemble well furnished and desirable venues. Of course painting a plush couch and chandelier does nothing to solve the problems of Vancouver’s lower east side but maybe it does inject some enjoyment for those using the venue. This may also roll out into a greater project, designed to bring awareness to homelessness by seeing the nooks and crevasses of the urban landscape through the eyes of it’s inhabitants.


I spend a little time each week checking out the new projects on Kickstarter and recently stumbled upon this project by graphic designer Paul Sahre. The project is “A photography, design and video project documenting the restaging of a 40 year-old memory and a shot at dad redemption”. In other words, Paul is embarking on a mission to launch a rocket with his son (a mission which apparently failed when he and his father attempted it years ago).

The amazing part is watching how this simple project has become a very complete creative project with so many successful touchpoints. I am a proud supporter and have become highly inspired by this project. Can’t wait for my Try, Try Again poster to arrive in the mail!


A relatively wise man once told me not to dwell too long on any new projects destined for the web. “Get it done and up”, was the gist. So in the spirit of getting this blog underway, I have selected this simple yet beautiful picture for your viewing pleasure.

This is a photograph of my parents, circa 1968. My folks are presently in a stage of “going through the old pictures” and have been sharing quite a few of them with me, including this one which showed up via email about an hour ago.

I would also like to send a shout out to wp shower for providing this simple and well organized (and free) blog template. It had me up and running in no time!